Allow us to help you grow your clientele!

Get leads for your business, and traffic to your website

Your business needs every business opportunity that it can get!  Divorce Lawyer Surrey is here to be your trusted partner to build your clientele.

Here’s how:

  1. We’re top-ranked in search engines like Google, and we have a considerable Social Media following, so we can give you the exposure you need.
  2. The fee to be listed on our website is FREE!
  3. You NEVER pay to be listed – that’s a deal you won’t find anywhere else!
  4. Each lead/call that we send to your firm is billed at $49.00.
  5. Each lead/call is tracked and recorded.
  6. If a lead/call is less than 30 seconds or is spam, it’s removed from your bill.

This is a deal that other Divorce Lawyer Directories don’t offer!

We’re here to partner with you to ensure that your firm skyrockets to success!


Here’s how you can join our listing and start getting business forwarded to you through us:

Step #1:

  1. Add your firm today, click on the Register Button at the Top Left.
  2. Enter your detail’s and click Register.
  3. When returned to the main page, click on the Create Listing at the top left of the website or Add a business now on the right.

Step #2:

Selecting either of the buttons and you’ll be taken to our Select a Plan page, then click continue.

  1. Fill in your Business Name/Title and Address.
  2. The MAP is being fixed and when it’s done you’ll notice a pin that represents your business.  (***Update coming)
  3. Select the Category’s that best fit your business.
  4. Enter your Contact info.
  5. Enter your Phone Number.  (This phone number will be switched with our tracking phone number)
  6. Enter your Website address.
  7. Enter the Email of the person who will receive our invoice.
  8. Enter your Google+, Facebook and Twitter details.
  9. Upload 5 images of your place of business.  (We recommend your Logo and 4 images of your employee’s)
  10. Enter the Description of your business.
  11. Tags are like the Category’s, you can enter them or leave omitted.
  12. Click Next Step.

You’ll be taken to the Order Summary page.

  1. Click Continue to Listing.

You’re taken to your Listing page where you can edit it.

  1. The Listing will be under review by our Administrator.
  2. Once it has been accepted, it’ll be live.

What are you waiting for? We’re looking forward to partnering with you. We cherish your business and will be submitting our Invoices to the email you provided.


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